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Making Dreams Come True…

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Beauty and the Beast

Usually I am  a pretty modest person… I don’t like talking about how much effort it sometimes takes to make a dream come true… It’s supposed to be effortless if you are  a fairy… But this time I just HAVE to!

Just a couple of days ago we were given a difficult task – another entertainment company promised a client what they eventually couldn’t deliver – a Beast in the original Disney Beast costume – they even sent a picture… We were offered this job first but declined since we don’t have that costume and I never promise what I can’t deliver. I honestly looked around but couldn’t find anything I would want our performers to wear, we either do a great job all together or don’t do it at all, there is no in between for us – too many companies do that already and I prefer not to…  This lucky little girl was having 2 parties – one at a preschool – where we sent our Rapunzel this Friday and one at a park – where the other company was sending Beauty and the Beast this Sunday. And that combo – Beauty and the Beast (just like the ones in a movie that children were watching over and over again for weeks) really meant a lot to this birthday girl and her friends…  But…the other company (on Friday afternoon!!!) came up with some excuse why they don’t have what they promised and tried to offer something else…so, then it was back to us, because the family saw how much children loved our  Rapunzel and knew we would do a great job based on that. They asked me to try and find a solution to this. I called and called and called …and searched, and found… nothing… At that point all I could suggest to the stressed out mother of 3 (with a  month old baby!!!) that we would send Beauty and…. a pirate… and put a crown on the pirate to make him pass for a prince… That was all we could do on a 1 day notice. And the mother agreed… Easy, right? I’ve honestly done all I could…But, I couldn’t stop, we can’t have a 4 year old disappointed on her birthday even if it wasn’t our fault originally…

Something (it had to be fairies) made me drive by a costume shop on Saturday afternoon (yesterday!) which I didn’t even know existed and they had The Beast!!! The original Disney costume!!!

So, we just made a dream come true today! Just like that!  Check out pictures! Click on thumbnails. For more pictures  go to our Facebook page. And if you ever need us to get you the moon on your child’s birthday just let me know – fairies work really well under pressure, especially when it’s your child’s dream we need to take care of… 🙂

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