We have collected quite a few reviews, touching e-mails and thank-you cards since the day we opened. You can read them below. Yet I consider the biggest compliment of all what I overheard at a party for a 5-year old girl:

“It’s almost like a REAL Fairyland in here!!!”.

Here is what a very important client had to say:

We really enjoy getting emails like this after parties: :)


I have nothing but good things to say about this place. We had my daughters 4th birthday party here last month and all the kids had an amazing time. Daria was responsive, incredibly organized, very helpful and on top of every little detail which I really really appreciated. Our fairy Tinker Bell a.k.a. Samantha was amazing with the kids. She should be a preschool teacher. If you have a girly girl who loves all things fantasy and make believe like mine she will have an amazing time here!  Lindsay 3/10/2016


WOW!! We had my daughter Beatrix’s 5th Birthday party there yesterday, at 1:30pm. It was AMAZING!! She and her friends had such a wonderful party! It was run so smoothly, each moment perfectly planned out, and Bea thought the whole event was “very fancy”, which was exactly what she had hoped for! Anna and Elsa, the party hosts, did an excellent job with the kids, kept them entertained and were great at handling the kids and any questions or needs that I had. Several other parents said what a great party it was and wanted to have their little girls parties there too! I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with the party and really appreciate all the great work you ladies did! BRAVO!

Sincerely, Jodie Sweetin (Bea’s mommy and very happy customer!)  08/31/15

I just had to write and thank you so very very much for the most wonderful party! Matilda had the most marvelous time. She hasn’t stopped talking about it. Both the fairies who were hosting were just so lovely and so good with the children. There enthusiasm was catching. Not for one moment did it feel like we were just ‘another party’. Matilda and her friends were made to feel so special. The whole layout of the two hours was perfectly designed. Matilda loved the magic show, which was great fun for all ages! And the detail was so sweet, the lemonade fountain, and the little China tea cups. It was a faery heaven!
So a great big THANK YOU!!!
We will be back for Florence’s birthday for sure.  Emma 08/25/15

Thank you so much for everything! The party was so magical and perfect and all the adults had a great time relaxing – so rare for a toddler party.

Megan and Lacy were great. The costumes were so much fun. Everything was perfect!

Thanks again,  Courtney 08/23/15

I just wanted to thank you for a truly wonderful party.

We so appreciated you being so willing and accommodating and allowing us to reschedule when Lila got sick on August 8.

My 3 daughters had a fabulous time. I overheard the birthday girl say to her friend “I wish this party would never end”. 

Her smile during all of the activities was magical to me. Our fairies, Megan and Lacy, were terrific as well. We have been to Fairies and Dragons 4 times prior as guests and being the guest of honor this time was just as great. So thank you to you and all your staff. I think this will be a birthday to remember!! Best, Hillary 08/23/15

I just wanted to say how happy we were with Riley’s party. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I got so many compliments about how great the party was. Rapunzel and Fairy Lacy were so helpful and amazing I could not have asked for a more perfect party for Riley!!! They really made Riley feel so special and the doll at the end was the sweetest gift. Thank you again for your help! I hope Riley wants her party here again next year!
Caitlin 07/06/15


Riley's3rdBirthday(7of87)   Riley's3rdBirthday(10of87)



This place is magical! My kids absolutely loved the place. We drove 1 hour from South Bay to celebrate our friend’s birthday and it was worth it. We had a blast. The decor was beautiful. Kids enjoyed dress up, face painting, craft, story and costume parade. The hostess girls were so entertaining. It was fun for girls, boys and parents. Thank you Daria for having a such a wonderful place. Irina 02/11/15
 Pirate Lacy DSCN1994
I just wanted to let you know that Megan was AMAZING! While she was here my daughter looked at me and smiled and said. “That’s my special fairy!” All the parents were amazed with her. She does her role very well and you have a gem! 
Thanks for everything! 
Cindy 01/14/15Noelle
I just wanted to thank you so much for Taylor’s absolutely magical birthday party yesterday! When Tinkerbell arrived at our house, the children were instantly in love! We could not have been more impressed with Tinkerbell. She began with face painting and was so sweet to all of the kids and made sure to include everyone, even the boys who weren’t sure about it. (And my goodness, her face painting skills were amazing by the way, they were absolutely beautiful!) She made all of the children feel so special. Her magic show was incredible as well! She had every single child (and the adults too) completely engaged, it was fantastic! The kids just loved all of the games she played with them and had a blast while playing them. My daughter loved that she was there for birthday cake and to help sing Happy Birthday also! She was so very sweet with the children when they wanted photos with her, always making time to pose with them. The conversations I overheard between Tinkerbell and the children were priceless as well, so magical!
Everyone at the party had such a great time and we owe it all to Tinkerbell! My daughter said it was the best day ever and for that I thank you!!! What a special day for my sweet little girl.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Nikki 06/23/13
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I LOVE the picture below…. and the email that came with it…

“I just wanted to say thank you. Our Rapunzel was AMAZING… and made a very special 3 year old unbelievably happy. Here is their first meeting.” (photo courtesy of Kelly Striewski Photography)




We had my daughter’s 5th birthday here 2 years ago and she begged to return for her 7th. It was as magical and wonderful as it was the first time. Our fairy host was great and Daria was so warm and friendly. The dressing room was beautifully decorated with a floor length mirror, dressing table, and two small thrones (one that played regal music!). The costume selection and jewels were great, and the party well organized from dress-up and face/nail painting, to making magic wands and story time, to the freeze dance. We live in the Santa Clarita Valley as did all my daughter’s guests and it was well worth the drive out to Encino! Browntabby310/24/2012

Fairies and Dragons is a wonderful place to spark your child’s imagination! The owner was so wonderful!!! She explained everything so succinctly and was so well organized that I did not have any concerns or questions. Not only do they do EVERYTHING. Facepainting, nail painting, stories, a character to lead the event, food and drink for the kids, costumes and accessories galore… the list goes on… What I couldn’t believe is that the room and costumes are kept so clean! It’s like they decorated and opened specifically for us that day (which I know they did not.. there were 2 other parties before and after ours), but you would have never known that. The owner and the Fairy had just as much energy as ever and made us feel like we were the only people they had to take care of. My daughter’s 4th birthday was incredible thanks to this wonderful place and I highly encourage anyone who ever wanted to live in a story book when they were a child ( boy for knights/kings/dragons OR for girls ie. princesses or fairies) to have a party at this location at least once in your child’s early years! workinmom4110/02/2012
We just celebrated my daughter’s 5th birthday, with eight of her friends. All the girls there (plus her little brother who was in heaven with the dragon costumes and blow-up swords) were thrilled to be there and completely engaged the whole time. Dress-up, nail and face painting, storytelling, yummy lunch — it was all smoothly coordinated and I didn’t have to do a thing except take pictures, chat with my friends, and enjoy watching my daughter have the best birthday ever! The fairy who led the girls in the activities was perfect — she had them all spellbound. Wonderful place for a party. We all drove to Encino from Pasadena, and would definitely do it again! joley104/25/2012

Good Morning Daria & Sasha, We just had to write to you to tell you what an EXCEPTIONAL Party we had last night. My husband and I were blown away at all the “extra” you provided to not only our guests, but our little girl Sofia. The evening was PERFECT and everyone of our guests could not stop talking about what an amazing, enchanting place you have. It was so entertaining, creative, magical and PERFECT for our little girl (who likes thing rather calm) So many kids party places can be “too much” but your Fairies and Dragons was the most wonderful place for our friends and family. Snow White was just INCREDIBLE! I have worked in the “kids party business” for over 25 years, and I have never seen an entertainer work so hard to make sure everyone was happy. She was beautiful, fun, (patient!) and just lovely! Sasha your little fairy daughter is just GOLD! everyone noticed how precious she is- and she put the icing on the cake (so to speak) by being at the party with us- thank her again for all her hard work- what an amazing child you have. We could have not asked for a more magical party- thanks to you. I have put all the photos on Face Book and I am already getting emails asking where this place is- You can bet I will promote you, and your wonderful company to every parent I know. Thank you again Daria for everything- you gave us an experience will will remember forever! Sincerely, Bella10/14/2010

I booked a party at Fairies and Dragons without knowing much about the place. It seemed to have everything we wanted so I went for it. I couldn’t have been more pleased with how the party turned out. The little girls (age 4) all told me it was the best party they had ever been to. The space is magical. The fairies are warm, helpful, entertaining. The costumes were clean and in great condition. The face painting was top notch and the art project was perfectly planned. I can’t recommend this place highly enough for your little fairies birthday!Missessal 10/02/2010

I just hired Fairies and Dragons Princess, Belle, for my daughter’s 4th birthday. She was SO fantastic! Adore her and cannot say enough. Everyone commented how great she was as Belle. We love love love her so much. Thanks again Fairies and Dragons for accommodating us! Can’t wait till next year! See you soon for a ‘Princess dinner’. Best! dededparker 09/27/2010

Fairies and Dragons is the perfect place to host a birthday party for your little girl! We had the most pleasant party for my 5 year old. No stress. Daria and her fairies are a pleasure to work with and did an amazing job entertaining our child and her guests. They really made all feel very special! Lauren 06/29/2010

I had my daughter’s birthday party here two years in a row, and it was amazing (and different!) each time. Fairies and Dragons in a little girl’s dream, with its whimsical, magical environment and endless supply of dress-up clothes and art projects. However, Fairies and Dragons is also a parent’s dream come true, because the staff is incredibly attentive, professional, and responsive. As a parent of the birthday child, all you need to do is bring the bday cake (plus any food you want to supply to the adults)- Fairies and Dragons takes care of absolutely everything else. You end up with an incredibly beautiful party while barely lifting a finger. The owner, Daria, is so great to work with- she is creative, accommodating, and very professional. After two birthday parties here in a row, I am hoping to do a third next year. I’ve been to a lot of parties (including at Fairies and Dragons competitors, most of whom are not my taste), and I feel I can say conclusively that Fairies and Dragons does the best parties around.

Shani 10/16/2009

From Citysearch

Awesome Kids’ Party Place!

by dayzeeblu 4/25/12

My daughter just celebrated her 5th birthday here, and all the girls had an incredible time. They were awed by the dress-up room with all kinds of dresses, shoes, hats, jewelry, and purses. The fairy who ran the party was amazing — she kept the kids entranced while teaching them “fairy spells” and storytelling. Nail polish, face painting, and wand decorating was also a big hit. Lunch was perfect for the kids, and I was especially fond of the pink lemonade fountain. I didn’t have to worry about a thing — just brought cupcakes, party favors (although they do offer favors if you’d rather buy them there), and snacks for the adults — Daria and the fairies took care of the rest! I heard two girls ask their parents if they could have their parties there too. Totally worth it!!

A magical place

by ellenyoo127 3/28/2012

We had a wonderful party for our 3 year old daughter last Saturday! She had such a magical time and was so excited to have Rapunzel help celebrate her special day!

Daria was amazing throughout the entire process-always responsive to my emails and requests and I was able to sit back and enjoy watching my princess have the time of her life!

Thank you again to everyone at Fairies & Dragons for everything and I’m sure we’ll be back again soon!

Incredible Party Place

by MindiT 3/20/2012

What a great place to bring the Fantasy to life for a Birthday Party! We had our daughters 4th Birthday here, and I couldn’t have done better. The dress up options are FANTASTIC – for both boys and girls. The clothes are really beautiful, not just the same things you can get at Disney. And there are shoes and accessories to die for. The character that you choose (Fairy, Princess, Pirate, etc) helps the kids from dress up, and then takes charge of the whole party and each activity. There is a fashion show (great photo op!), craft time, tea time (complete with pink lemonade fountain that the kids fill their own cups from), story time (not just a book, but puppets and very engaging), and finally cake time. We had a wonderful experience, and really appreciated our Princess who kept the party fun and on point the whole time!

Great birthday party location

by silly gal 2/26/2011

I just wanted to tell you that out of all the party places…yours is most special. The young woman who ran the party did a fabulous job. I am not big on all these big play places for parties. In this way, I am a stick in the mud. I think they are way over the top, etc. That said, Fairies and Dragons actually involves a child using his or her imagination! There was nothing electronic. No flashing lights. I noticed that the kids were really well behaved too. They were playing respectfully together and enjoyed exploring on their own. I may be wrong, but I get the feeling you have very few behavior problems with kids during your parties. I will recommend your place to anyone looking for a party place.

From Yelp

My niece had her 6th birthday party at this location. It was awesome! All the little girls were excited, happy, and felt like little princesses. The fairy was great and entertaining! She kept the kids fully entertained. She looked and sounded like a fairy too. As for the parents, they enjoyed taking pictures and watching their daughters have so much fun. The owner is also very nice, and has a cute little dog who is just as friendly as she is. I have nothing but great things to say about this place. It was a truly magical experienced and made me wish I was a kid again. Thank you so much Fairies & Dragons!11/3/2012 Marie

We just had our daughter’s 5th birthday party here and I have to say, we were all REALLY impressed. Although the space is small, it is a lovely fairy fantasy land and all the girls at her party were completely enchanted. There’s a big room stocked with every size and style of dress up costume, shoes, jewelry and more. There are great boy costumes as well & our son had a blast dressed up like a pirate.

Everything about this party was easy. Daria, the owner, is very helpful with details. They provide food (sandwiches, pizza, fruit & veggies & a great pink lemonade fountain), arts & crafts, face painting & a fairy parade. The “fairy” working the party was wonderful & completely entertained the children with story time & a hunt for goody bags. All we had to do was show up with a cake!

G.O. 2/25/2012

We just had our daughter’s birthday party at Fairies and Dragons on Saturday.  It was a blast!  My daughter was turning 4 and is very into princesses and dress up, as are her friends.  She wanted Rapunzel at her party.  Let me tell you, Fairies and Dragons did NOT disappoint!  Rapunzel greeted us and ran the party!  I thought she’d make an appearance but nope – the whole kit and caboodle!  The kids loved it, the parents loved it.  And NOT ONE TEAR.  Daria made it so easy to book and kept in touch with me.  Such a gem of a place.  Just wish they were closer!

Lesley A. 4/24/2012

I just had our daughter’s fourth birthday party at fairies and dragons and it was truly terrific. I knew my daughters would enjoy it because they are at the age where they love “fairies, princesses, mermaids, and butterflies.” I was worried about the boys and I was thrilled that they enjoyed it just as much as the girls. We had 25 kids there, half boys and they all loved the costumes, arts and crafts, dance party, food and story time. They had a wide selection of costumes including princesses, fairies and dragons, knights and pirates and for the art project they decorated either wands or swords. The most magical part was the fairies, the main fairy really held the attention of all the children during the party which meant all the parents could actually eat and talk to each other for a while. I highly recommend it!

Val B. 3/24/2012

We just had our daughter’s 7th birthday and the fairies came to us!  They were creative, fun, and hardworking.  The girls were mesmerized by them.  They did dress up, face painting and a magic show.  I wholeheartedly recommend Fairies and Dragons.  You nor your child will be disappointed.  
In addition, Daria, the owner, is very easy to communicate with and super nice.

Sarah V. 4/27/2012

Fairies and Dragons gave my 4 year old daughter the most unforgettable birthday party. All her friends – girls AND boys LOVED it just as much as she did and they were talking about it at school for days after the party. Cinderella was excellent! She was able to keep the kids engaged and well entertained the entire time. She made my daughter feel so special but yet not forgetting her friends at the same time. Everyone including the parents was enchanted by this beautiful fairyland. Fairy Daria, the owner was very flexible and accommodating. There were no surprises or extra charges for misc. items. This is truly an exceptional kids party venue. It is worth the drive.

Elizabeth L. 3/1/2011

What a magical place for little girls (and boys!) We did the play gym circuit and my daughter wanted something a little different. We saw the reviews online and heard good things about Fairies and Dragons from some friends. I did a little research and found this place to be so great. Daria was so easy to work with and made everything go smoothly. Being very pregnant, I did not have a lot of time to plan the party and Daria helped with all the details. When we walked into the space, it was if we were transformed to another world filled with fantasy and whimsy. My 4 year old daughter was in awe. She and her little friends loved every part of the morning, from the fun dress up to beautiful and artistic face painting, to the art projects, to the fashion show…All the kids loved the pink lemonade fountain! I was at first concerned that the boys would not be interested. However, they loved dressing up in beautiful costumes extremely appropriate for boys and had the time of their lives! Many moms said they would love to do their kids’ parties at Fairies and Dragons in the future! My daughter, after 4 costume changes and a fun-filled morning, asked as we were leaving, if she could have her 5th birthday party at Fairies and Dragons again next year! Thank you so much for this great experience!

Alina G. 2/25/2011

This place is PERFECT for a 5 year old’s birthday party. We just had our daughter’s 5th birthday party at Fairies & Dragons last weekend. She had an amazing time, and felt very special the entire day. We couldn’t have asked for anything more. We had 13 children there, 10 girls and 3 boys, all in the 4-5 year old range. Daria and “Fairy Tricia” did a great job of keeping the kids engaged, and entertained. It was structured and organized, and never got out of control (like often happens at kids parties). They moved through the activities at a good pace, yet nothing felt rushed. The costumes were in great condition, and there were a lot to choose from. Daria’s face painting was fantastic! All of the children were caught up in the fantasy of the place. I was also very happy that the boys got completely into it, and ended up dressing up in costumes, sword fighting (styrofoam swords of course), and playing with the knight’s castle. Fairy Tricia put on a wonderful magic show for the kids. She is a natural comic, and kept them laughing with her antics. The food was also perfect for the group–just simple cheese pizza, grapes, apples, and sandwiches–and best of all the pink lemonade fountain. Everything was taken care of, and all we did was bring the cake, bagels for the parents who brought their kids. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Alison L. 2/7/2011


Fairies and Dragons gave my 4 year old daughter the most unforgettable birthday party. All her friends LOVED it just as much as she did and they were talking about it at school for days after the party. Cinderella was excellent! She was able to keep the kids engaged and well entertained the entire time. She made my daughter feel so special but yet not forgetting her friends at the same time. Everyone including the parents was enchanted by this beautiful fairyland. Fairy Daria, the owner was very flexible and accommodating. There were no surprises or extra charges for misc. items. This is truly an exceptional kid’s party venue. It’s worth the drive even if you live on the Westside.


This place rocks! We went to 3 parties here in the past year, plus had one ourselves – they were all differently themed and they were all amazing! We also went to several of their princess events and workshops. These people know what they are doing, top notch entertainment and service. The owner and everybody else there is really nice, accommodating and knows how to keep kids attention. The place is magical, like a fairytale. Not cheap, but SO very worth it and for the quality they provide I find it very reasonable! I believe that you get what you pay for and in this case it is totally justified.


Fairies and Dragons Parties is an amazing place to have parties at. We just had my 2 year old daughter’s B-Day Party there this past weekend and it was just amazing. The place is so cute, magical and so unique than any other facility. My guests were thrilled with my choice and couldn’t say enough. They already decided to have their kids parties there. I had both boys and girls with different ages and they all enjoyed their time. Daria, the owner is an amazing person to work with. The fairy assistants were so wonderful to the kids, they were so patient and entertained kids all the way until the end. I highly recommend this place! Thank you Fairies & Dragons Parties for making my daughter’s birthday as magical as it was! We will definitely go back!

From: Yahoo Local

by Elena – 09/22/2009

What a great and tasteful fairy party place! Very clean, great decorations with lots of attention to detail. My daughter had her 4th birthday party here in April and we were guests at her friend’s b-day party last week. As kids arrive they were taken by fairies (cute party assistants) to the dressing room where they picked a costume. Girls where fairies or princesses with all matching accessories one can imagine. Boys, I believe, had a choice of a knight or a dragon costume, accessorized as well. A grand parade, group picture, pizza and sandwiches followed. Pink lemonade fountain was a nice touch, too. The second hour was story time, cake, games, treasure hunt, etc. The best part is that I did not have to do a thing. Just watched my daughter having the time of her life. From the costumes, to the food, to the activities, everything was just perfect. I hope to use Fairies and Dragons for my Daughter’s 5th b-day next year.


A little girl’s dream place for a party.

We had my goddaughter’s 5th birthday party at Fairies & Dragons Parties. I had heard about them through some friends and decided to investigate before booking. Holy cow! This place is incredible! It’s a little girl’s dream place. After seeing it in person, I booked it on the spot. The party couldn’t have been more well run. They completely cater to the birthday child and her guests for 2 hours, while the adults were on the sides observing all the fun. The staff was completely attentive to the kids, kept them entertained and very happy. My little goddaughter had so much fun, she started to cry when it was time to leave. I’m sad I didn’t know about this place when my kids were that young – I would have had their parties there as well.


Best party place for your little fairy!‎‎

By Fonariki – Jun 17, 2009

We had an amazing birthday party for my daughter 4th b-day. We (parents) were able to relax and enjoy watching the children having time of their lives – fashion parade, magic story time, pink lemonade fountain, pizza, sandwiches, treasure hunt… Beautiful interior – not your ordinary party place. Even boys were happy to participate in all the fairy activities. Magical time. Check out the place. Once in a while they have evenings with princesses for $25.‎

From GoCityKids

We just had my daughters 4th birthday at Fairies and Dragons and she absolutely loved it, so did we and so did all of the girls who came and their parents. They put together the perfect party with all of their favorite things to do and it is so easy for the parents. I highly recommend.

Elana 02/22/2010

My daughter had a wonderful 5th birthday party at Fairies and Dragons! All the girls had a ball and looked so cute. My 7 and 5 year old always enjoy the princess dinners there as well. I would definitely recommend it. Lisa 02/15/2010   

i had my daughters 7th birthday party here and it was fantastic! it was the perfect party for this age. ALL of the girls had a wonderful time and all want to now have there party at fairies and dragons!

Stephanie 02/11/2010

We celebrated my daughter’s six birthday at Fairies and Dragons and it was an absolute success! The girls were completely fascinated with the place and the activities. My daughter wants to do her next birthday there too!!

Diana V. 10/29/2009

I had my daughter’s 4th birthday party at Fairies and Dragons and that was truly a birthday to remember. The place is beautifully decorated. It feels like you’re in a magical forest surrounded by fairies. One might think fairies theme party would be for girls, but all the boys at the party had a blast with all the costume changes and other fun activities. The staff was exceptional with beautiful face painting, excellent storytelling, exciting fashion show, I can go on and on. All the parents were having such a great time seeing their kids having so much fun. My daughter felt very special and she asked if she could have her 5th b-day party at Fairies and Dragons. I highly recommend.

Kristine 10/01/2009

I just had my daughter’s 4th birthday and it was the best birthday ever! We all had an amazing time even the adults had fun! The staff was also amazing and very efficient, I would definitely recommend Fairies and Dragons to anybody
who wants to have a memorable birthday!

Mercy Muller 08/17/2009

I had my daughter’s 5th birthday here last weekend and was thrilled. Daria and her team do everything to make a party extra-special. Her “fairies” tell incredible stories and engage the children in a way that they were all captivated. They are proactive and professional. I would have another party here in a heartbeat.

Jill Donaty 07/26/2009

We had our party there a week ago and it was wonderful! As soon as we arrived the room was set up beautifully and the air conditioning was already cranking to make sure our guests were comfortable. The kids were entertained the entire time dressing up, getting their faces painted, decorating wands, playing games with the fairy. Everything ran smoothly; it was very professional. We took a risk because we had never been to a party here but it certainty was worth it! I’m still getting calls telling me how great it was! I highly recommend Fairies & Dragons!

Kim W. 07/09/2009

Okay so I have the pickiest 5 yr old girl ever and this place ROCKED her world. She LOVED it. EVERY moment was filled with magical face painting, games, and costumes(with a fashion show!) This place is creative, clean and very well kept. Having 3 kids that get bored after an hour at most party places -they all loved it. Even my 2 yr old son who was entertained with all of the knight and dragon stuff. The owner is very accommodating and met all of our need happily. I wish there was a way to post pictures because they speak for themselves. I am constantly getting comments on how beautiful the setting/background is and how precious their costumes are. It truly is an enchanted forest.. and there is nothing more precious than a little girl dressed as a fairy in a forest…. good job fairies and dragons.. we’ll be back!

Elizabeth Folk-Blanchard 05/24/2009

Lovely place to have a 3-4yr old party. The children where engaged for the entire 2 hrs. Beautiful atmosphere and lots to explore. Great for both boys and girls. The hosts were kind and gentle and easy going. Very enchanting!

A. Faustina 04/19/2009

We just had our party here 2 weeks ago and it was just great! My daughter was turning 6 and all of the kids (girls AND boys) had fun. The fairy assistants were truly amazing and kept everyone involved and interested the whole time. The place is also absolutely beautiful and magical and all the parents were really impressed with my choice. Very pleasant experience, thank you Fairies!

Alex 03/20/2009

I just had my 4-yr-old daughter’s party there and what an amazing place. Everything was so well organized. There was never a dull moment in the 2 hours. The fairy assistants were fun, creative and patient and the kids and parents couldn’t say enough about the place. I just love how it’s so different and unique than any other party facility. The kids didn’t want to leave and all the parents wanted to know how I found out about the place. Also you should check out the website. They have a ton of pictures and you can really see what it will be like on your child’s special day.

Alisa 06/10/2008

From the time I found this amazing new place online (great website) to when I met the owner, Daria, all the way through to the end of my daughter’s 4th party, it was absolutely delightful! The space is enchanting, the fairies on staff are wonderful at keeping the party flowing, are amazing face painters and storytellers! Plus, all the activities in between (arts and crafts, tea party complete with a pink lemonade fountain and fresh cotton candy made for each child!) delighted all the guests! The parents were raving about how great the party was! None of the kids wanted to leave! We also had a 7 year old boy who was totally enjoying himself! They have so many things for kids of all ages, boys and girls. Even my 7 year old daughter and her friend had such a great time and wanted to stay! A great new place for birthday parties–they truly care and want the party to be perfect and it shows! We understand they are offering classes and we will be sure to sign up! Don’t miss this great new place!Ericka

We just had my 4-yr old daughter’s party there this past weekend and cannot say enough about how thrilled we and all of our guests (both kids and parents!) were with the experience. The facilitators were amazing and the balance between free play/exploration and formal activities was perfect. All of the guests, and especially the birthday girl (or boy) are made to feel special. There are also perfect touches and items to engage the imagination everywhere the kids look. Mary


My daughter’s 5th birthday here was PERFECT! Of all the parties we’ve done over the years for either of our 2 girls, I think this was the most successful and stress-free. Daria and her fairies are a pleasure. The kids were captivated and entertained without being over stimulated. The flow of activities was just right. The girls and their parents who attended had a wonderful time! We attended 1 other party there prior to our own and it was equally as enjoyable.

lauren 4/8

My daughter’s 3rd birthday was fabulous. I highly recommend Daria and her wonderful staff to anyone who’s looking for a creative, interactive and lively party for their child – girl or boy. We look forward to hosting my younger daughter’s birthday there when she’s a little older.

Adriana Leiss 2/23

We just had my 4 year old daughter’s birthday there and it includes everything a little girl would ever think of wanting at her party. They took care of everything and all of the kids loved it and the parents too. Everyone was commenting on how every picture they took was a keeper and that this was the best party they had been to

Elana – 2/22

My daughter’s 3rd birthday party here was AMAZING, really exceeded my high expectations. All of the kids had a really magical, great time and the adults relaxed and enjoyed watching them. The party wasn’t like the other cookie cutter party places, they really make the day feel special for your child. I recommend Fairies and Dragons 100%!

Niyome Horton 2/17

My daughter’s 3rd birthday party was perfect! Each child was made to feel special by the personalized attention they received from the Fairies. The dress-up closet alone was amazing! I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful and unique experience. Thank you, Daria!

Andrea McIntyre 1/5

We celebrated my daughter’s 7th birthday here and the children had an absolute ball. The Fairies are WONDERFUL! and the place is magical, and the kids are really transported into a make believe land for the boys as much as the girls! Thank you Daria!

Priscillasmum 1/4

We just had my daughter’s 7th birthday party here in September. We had an absolutely wonderful time! The kids loved dressing up, having their faces painted, making their own unique craft, playing games, hearing stories, and going on a treasure hunt. The fairy that entertained our group was absolutely perfect for the job. She had the right bubbly personality, interacted with the kids well, and was very patient! Everyone had a wonderful time. The grown-ups said that this was my daughter’s best party yet! My daughter loved feeling so special in this enchanted fairy forest!

Jennifer Harris 10/11

To Daria – I just wanted to reiterate what a great party this was and how my daughter and her friends really enjoyed themselves. Mission enchantment accomplished! I especially appreciated how any of my concerns were always addressed and reassured. I truly never worried and, for once, felt comfortable taking a back seat so I could enjoy watching my daughter’s blissful moments surrounded by her friends. And please, do let the fairies know how their magic worked on everyone including the parents! A heartfelt thank you and very happy holidays to you and your family.

Isabellemarx 12/7

wonderful party that my 6-year-old loved, and her three-year-old sister loved just as much. The girls are truly treated like princesses, the space is gorgeous and the treats are high quality.

momoftwo 12/14


[peachhead2] Shout Out – Fairies and Dragons Parties in Encino!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012 12:02


OK parents, We just had our gorgeous 4 year old’s princess party at Fairies and Dragons in Encino ( It was AWESOME. She requested Rapunzel, who did not disappoint. The food for the kid was pizza, sandwiches, fruit and punch. The punch was served from one of those party fountain things, which was a delightful surprise. They had their nails painted, faces painted, dressed up, sang and danced….they all loved it, they all behaved, and even bettere – the parents were completely impressed and happy as well. True shout out to Daria and her Rapunzel for making my little girl’s dream come true.

Wanted to let everyone know that I had my daughters 5th birthday at Fairies and Dragons Parties two weeks ago and I cannot tell you how pleased I was.
All of the guests were amazed at how pretty the place looked and how wonderful the staff was. The costumes were of an extremely high quality (no itchy scratchy cheap fabrics) and they had all sorts of shoes, bracelets, crowns, wings, necklaces for the girls to accessorize with.
The 2 hours were filled with face and nail painting, fun, crafts and food. We had 10 kids total and even a few boys. The boys had great fun wearing the knight costumes and using the shields. None of my guests live in the valley and they ALL (us included) had such an easy time getting to the venue. It has it’s own parking lot and it is right off of the freeway on Ventura Blvd. No one took longer than 12-15 minutes of travel time to get there… so do not be afraid of hosting an event in “THE VALLEY” it is sooo worth it. Daria was professional and kept me in the loop on everything. I have a feeling I will be there again in November for my other daughter’s b-day (her 4th). Melissa

Wow did we have a great time!!! Every thing was absolutely perfect. The activities
kept the kids totally entertained but controlled, the food and service was impeccable and the decor is really cute. The costumes provided for the kids are beautiful, in perfect condition, and plentiful. It was a heaven for both boys and girls.
A little more details for who might be interested: Towards the end of the room is a long table under an amazing chandelier. The kids first dress up in the back room, the table is set for crafts (make your own crown or wand, get a manicure from one of the two in house fairies, …), and there’s face painting available. Then a quick and cute “fashion show” (the kids were so proud!), a group picture, a “dance and freeze”. During that time, the table is beautifully set for a tea, then it’s circle time: first the kids “save” a fairy, followed by a dragon and fairy story (with puppets). It was so quiet, parents
were just happy to relax, and the children were totally into the story
(like wide eyed and their mouth open).The rhythm of the activities was perfect. The kids were really having fun! The 2 assistants dressed as fairies
were great with kids and efficient at getting everything running smooth.
Well, obviously, I liked the place…Fleur

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3 Responses to “Reviews”

  1. Ashton & Sofia says:

    We had Sofia(2) & Ashton’s(4) birthday at Fairies and Dragons this past summer. The party was delightful. Every child had a blast dressing up, making wands and telling stories with the 3 wonderful assistant fairies.

    It’s a beautiful space with quality costumes and wonderful surprises at every turn.
    Daria, thank you again for making our party so unbelievably special.

    mara – 7/30/10

  2. Marc Friedenberg says:

    Hello! Yesterday, my daughter celebrated her 5th birthday at Fairies & Dragons. When the party ended, I immediately felt compelled to let anyone and everyone know how wonderful the experience was, and how my daughter is now the happiest “fairy” around! From the moment the party was confirmed to the last guest leaving, Fairies & Dragons followed through on every detail necessary and delivered the most wonderful, creative, eventful and memorable party you could imagine! Further, being a “west side” family was never a concern as every friend from our neck of the woods came with no hesitation. I can’t recommend Fairies & Dragons enough for a TRULY fantastic birthday party experience!

  3. Rebecca A. says:

    We had my daughter Jordan’s 4th birthday at Fairies and Dragons last weekend. From start to finish, the whole experience was just perfect. She is obsessed with Rapunzel and so we chose to have her as our princess. Each girl walked in with the same expression on their face, complete awe and I heard many whispers, “look mommy, its Rapunzel!!”.

    We have been to other birthday party places which feature dress up and a tea party, but I can tell you, the others do not even come close to what Fairies and Dragons does. They have a huge closet with an incredible amount of very fancy costumes, in amazing condition, They also have a ton of dress up options for boys. There must be at least 30 pairs of shoes to chose from and then so many displays full of necklaces, bracelets, rings, tiaras, hats, etc. It is like every little girl’s dream. Even the moms were in awe.

    After the kids dress up there is nail polish, face painting, crafts, a fashion show and then Rapunzel did a really cute puppet show. The party ends with cake and then a treasure hunt to find the party favors. The kids had a great time. The parents got to sit back and relax and enjoy watching their kids have so much fun.

    Thank you Daria for helping to make Jordan’s birthday such a wonderful one that none of us will ever forget. She had an amazing day and we thought the whole thing was just perfect! We plan to tell everyone we know how wonderful you are and hopefully we’ll get to see you for a party sometime soon.

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