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This Fall in Our Magical Fairyland…

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

We’ve been busy decorating gourds… Do you know that every gourd has a soul? You just have to discover it! Here we have some simple gourds, all lined up. Waiting…


You add some magical ingredients, children and their imagination and this is what you get as a result. Click on individual pictures to see intricate details.

eden creature

princess pumpkin and mouse

princess pumpkin and friend gourd creatures

mouse and owl mouse and owl1

owl, mouse and witch


One evening we also had the Princess Witch join us to sing songs and tell witchy stories while some of us continued  with our gourd creations.

good witch

~ A very princessy weekend ~

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Snow White stopped by on Saturday on her way to a birthday party. Ariel swam by on Sunday on the way to another party, and Cinderella slaved away in our magical Fairyland painting faces and telling stories all weekend long … oh well, beats sweeping floors, right? 🙂

children parties sherman oaks children parties los angeleskids parties los angeles

Dinner with Sleeping Beauty

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Sleeping Beauty and the fairy princesses

sleeping beauty and fairy princesses

Making Dreams Come True…

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Beauty and the Beast

Usually I am  a pretty modest person… I don’t like talking about how much effort it sometimes takes to make a dream come true… It’s supposed to be effortless if you are  a fairy… But this time I just HAVE to!

Just a couple of days ago we were given a difficult task – another entertainment company promised a client what they eventually couldn’t deliver – a Beast in the original Disney Beast costume – they even sent a picture… We were offered this job first but declined since we don’t have that costume and I never promise what I can’t deliver. I honestly looked around but couldn’t find anything I would want our performers to wear, we either do a great job all together or don’t do it at all, there is no in between for us – too many companies do that already and I prefer not to…  This lucky little girl was having 2 parties – one at a preschool – where we sent our Rapunzel this Friday and one at a park – where the other company was sending Beauty and the Beast this Sunday. And that combo – Beauty and the Beast (just like the ones in a movie that children were watching over and over again for weeks) really meant a lot to this birthday girl and her friends…  But…the other company (on Friday afternoon!!!) came up with some excuse why they don’t have what they promised and tried to offer something else…so, then it was back to us, because the family saw how much children loved our  Rapunzel and knew we would do a great job based on that. They asked me to try and find a solution to this. I called and called and called …and searched, and found… nothing… At that point all I could suggest to the stressed out mother of 3 (with a  month old baby!!!) that we would send Beauty and…. a pirate… and put a crown on the pirate to make him pass for a prince… That was all we could do on a 1 day notice. And the mother agreed… Easy, right? I’ve honestly done all I could…But, I couldn’t stop, we can’t have a 4 year old disappointed on her birthday even if it wasn’t our fault originally…

Something (it had to be fairies) made me drive by a costume shop on Saturday afternoon (yesterday!) which I didn’t even know existed and they had The Beast!!! The original Disney costume!!!

So, we just made a dream come true today! Just like that!  Check out pictures! Click on thumbnails. For more pictures  go to our Facebook page. And if you ever need us to get you the moon on your child’s birthday just let me know – fairies work really well under pressure, especially when it’s your child’s dream we need to take care of… 🙂

Beauty and the Beast Party Los Angeles Belle party Los Angeles

Mad Hatter Tea Party with Alice!

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Crafty children at work making their hats!

Mad hatter crafts los angeles alice in wonderland party los angeles birthday parties los angeles mad hatter hat Mad hatter craft workshop encino

Some Mad Hats here for you! They turned out great!

mad hatter hat kids craft classes los angeles

After all that hard work – a  well deserved Tea Party!

tea party with alice los angeles

Step by step instructions on how to pour your tea!

alice in wonderland birthday party sherman oaks tea party tea party3 tea party with alice tea party

alice in wonderland beverly hills

Can you spot a caterpillar on this hat?!

kids birthdays los angeleschildren birthday party pasadena


Fan Mail!!!

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Sometimes we get fan mail! Sometimes it’s from Tinkerbell herself!!! Sometimes Tinkerbell even writes us a song! We love you too, Tinkerbell Bree!

Bunnies, Spring and Crafts

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Just came across these pictures and realized that I forgot to post them! We put together this very fun afternoon all the way back in April. It started with making boo-boo bunnies.

What are boo-boo bunnies? Boo-boo bunny is a soft little wash cloth bunny  that can serve as an ice pack  since an ice cube can be held in the crevice of its body. The bunny  can then easily be held by a child with a ‘boo-boo’. These bunnies also make adorable decorations as well as low maintenance pets!

Click on the thumbnails below to see bigger pictures.

boo-boo bunnies

craftbree and boo boo bunny boo boo bunnies

And then real bunnies showed up!

bunny care instructions

bunnies and princesses sasha and bunny purple princess

Recipe for a fun party:

Magical ingredients: princess dress,  pair of fancy shoes, a crown, a brush and a bunny… Oh, and some carrots of course! Mix it all together, add a pinch of pixie dust, serve any time!

pink princess princess, bunny, shoes and a brush children birthday parties los angeleskids birthday parties beverly hillschildren parties sherman oaks

By the way, boys like bunnies too!

indoor playground los angeles birthday parties los angeleschildren birthday party ideas los angeles kids birthdays studio citychildren birthday parties pasadena

Of course when it was time for bunnies to go home an after hours party started…

children dress up party los angeles

kids parties woodland hills children parties tarzana children parties woodland hills

princess parties los angeles kids parties san fernando valley


Make Your Own Dragon Workshop

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Dragon making actually started with a pretend tea party… Events  sometimes change  direction in the Magical Fairyland. Note the ages, please – there is a 2 year old, two 5 year olds and two 9 year olds in this picture… all  seem to be enjoying the tea party 🙂

Fairy Alina came in with her guitar, and some serious dragon making commenced. Click on the thumbnails to see the whole picture.

dragon in the making dragon making dragon

dragon dragon danielle and her dragons

We  named our new friends: Red Wing, Stickers, Square, Jelly Belly, Pinky Binky…

By the way, while we were making them,  Fairy Alina wrote a Dragon song, (yes, on a spot… yes, she is that talented…) so we sang it together with her!

noa's dragon jacky and her dragon

dragon story philip's dragon dragon group

more dragons philip and danielle

And then a dragon puppet show started!

dragon puppet show dragon show got an audience ...and then they flew away

A Fairy Afternoon

Friday, May 13th, 2011

It was supposed to rain outside, and we invited fairies to come visit our Magical Fairyland since it never rains here…  lots of fairies came… but then…. all of a sudden… fairies turned into viking girls… and then knights and dragons appeared as well… Parents often ask us : ” will boys have something to do in your Magical Fairyland?”. Here is the answer and some pictures to prove it – even during events that are originally planned for fairy girls, boys will have fun… because everybody loves stories and dancing and singing…. and don’t expect fairies to stay fairies – they might turn into some other creatures … Because our Fairyland is Magical!!!…fairies and dragons and vikings

knight, rango and viking girl

knight, rango and viking girl2

fairy alina singing

story time

magical creatures magical creatures eyes closed magical creatures magical creatures
crafts silly faces

Unicorn Party

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

This month we were reminded of one of our favorite birthday party crafts – decorating unicorns. They turned out pretty nice!